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Hello! I am Andrew Kaiminthang Hangsing and this is my blog. I have created this site in order to get people to see more of my works that includes poems, short stories and other write-ups. For a while now, I have been posting these works on my personal facebook page Andrew Hangsing Says So (do come visit!) and you can say that this blog is an upgradation of that page. Please do not hesitate to give your feedbacks on my posts and I very much welcome constructive criticism.

My poems are on nature, small town life experiences and the socio-political scenario of my picturesque hometown, Haflong as well as the bigger image of life in the North East region of India.

I try my best to amalgamate the rhyming style of greats like Robert Frost and William Wordsworth with the social consciousness of Robin Ngangom.

Visit the Posts section to read my works.

Take a look around! Good day!

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